Bank Sawing Machine

Chain Saw Model 70.RA/PD can make cuts of up to 5.1 metres, and was designed and built to make vertical and horizontal cuts on hard and/or abrasive stones without the need for cooling water.

The machine is fitted with a diesel engine which allows completely autonomous operation, eliminating the need for any electrical wiring connections to generators or power grids. This model is particularly useful in working environments that are not connected to the power grid.

macchina segatrice
macchina segatrice serie 20.90

Technical Specifications

  • Installed power: 77.1 Kw at 1500 rpm
  • Weight: 10,000 Kg
  • Arm rotation: 360°
  • Chain speed: 0.1-0.7 m/sec
  • Cutting width: 38 mm
  • Effective cutting depth: 5.10 m max
  • Cutting speed: 0-13 cm/min

Technical characteristics may be subject to variations

Warehouse and Spares

Accessories and spare parts for the chain saw machines are always available from our warehouse.

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