The installation of industrial plant – which doubles as training in the case of chain saw machines – forms the basis of the services offered by the Fantini Group. A service that requires the highest level of expertise, since even the smallest error could compromise the entire project. In order to guarantee performance and results that satisfy our customers’ expectations, our team is directly responsible for installing systems and complex equipment on-site. Thanks to the experience we have acquired over the years, together with the authorizations and licenses required for moving and transporting equipment in industrial environments, we are able to manage installation sites for weeks or even months, in complete safety and without interrupting production. In the case of stone cutting chain saw machinery, we can also provide our customers with personnel training services all over the world.


At the Fantini Group, customer assistance means providing a rapid response whatever the request, from repairs to machinery to performance checks on individual components. The assistance service covers the entire working life of chain saws and industrial automation systems produced in factories, and complements the normal 12 or 24 month warranty. The service is limited to indicating the measures necessary to resolve the problem when this can be done remotely. When it is necessary to intervene on-site, our technicians and local service network will be ready to respond within a few hours, with all the equipment and components necessary to restore the machine or system to full working order.

Spare Parts

We maintain a vast selection of articles and components that are ready for delivery at a moment’s notice. The warehouse is restocked continuously in order to ensure that spare parts are available within 24/48 hours of placing a call. Our stock includes both Fantini manufactured parts and components from our commercial suppliers. In the case of older machines, where the original components are no longer available, Fantini will supply an alternative component but with updated technical specifications in order to improve the performance of less recent models, wherever possible. In addition to the technical documentation, chain saw machines for stone cutting are supplied complete with the minimum quantity of spare parts necessary to guarantee replacement and maintenance of the components that are most subject to wear and tear, without having to place a request for spare parts, thus ensuring continuity of operation during the early stages of the machine’s working life.

Technical Documentation

The documentation is divided into two parts. The first includes the user and maintenance manual (obligatory in accordance with the provisions of the Machine Directive), an invaluable vademecum containing a safety section including a complete risk analysis and information on how to use the machine correctly, including maintenance instructions. The second part includes a spare parts manual in the form of a catalogue listing the re-order codes for the various components; this catalogue has been designed to be easy to use and as intuitive as possible, even for inexperienced users. All the documents described above form an integral part of the Fantini offer, and are supplied together with every chain saw machine designed and built in our factories.