This device is used to remove the debris generated by dry cutting when carrying out vertical cutting operations.
The chain feeds the debris to a hopper containing a screw feeder, which eliminates it by depositing it at a lateral distance of approximately 1 metre from the cutting zone.

Maintaining the cutting zone clean helps to guarantee optimum performance levels and prolong the working life of the consumable parts.

macchina segatrice
macchina segatrice serie 20.90

Technical Specifications

Installed power: 0.37 Kw.
Power supply voltage: 400V/50Hz.
Weight: Approx. 100 kg

In the case of pre-existing machines, the equipment is supplied complete with the electro-mechanical components necessary to modify the electrical panel.

Compatible models:

  • 70 sup-H
  • 70 rap
  • 50.81

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