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Fantini: about us

The Fantini Group represents a solid reality and a wealth of experience; our aim is to satisfy the requirements of a wide variety of clients by providing everything they need to achieve their business objectives, from careful selection of raw materials right through to functional testing on the machinery, and including the internal certification processes and post-sales service management organization. Modern factories, latest generation technology and highly qualified personnel form the basis of the Fantini Group’s global range of products and services, which can be customized right down to the last detail in order to tailor them to the specific requirements of each individual customer.

Choosing the Gruppo Fantini means entrusting your ideas to a highly specialized team, where each individual technician works in perfect synergy with the other members of the team, irrespective of their specific roles. The Fantini industrial divisions produce customized stone extractor chain saw machines, industrial automation systems, and mechanical projects for research bodies. We place paramount importance on safety and compliance with the applicable community and international standards and regulations in order to guarantee that our customers are satisfied with the performance and working life of our products. Experience at the basis of quality.

Corporate Video
A Future Story, Today

Our new corporate video tells the story of a company that has always focused on the future and innovation. We are pleased to introduce you to the Fantini Sud SpA philosophy in its 3 business divisions:

  • ChainSawMachines for ornamental stone extraction
  • IndustrialAutomation and #aerospace plants
  • BigScience equipment and machines

We thank you for the trust you have always shown us and for the goals we achieve together every day.

Enjoy the view!

At the Fantini Group, pursuing the company Mission means keeping faith with the following core values:

  • Maintain a professional attitude when offering customized services and providing the level post-sales assistance our clients have come to expect
  • Pursue the primary goal of creating new products that not only satisfy, but anticipate the demands of the market, with perseverance and dedication
  • Ensure a high level of customer care, providing technical support and information regarding products in as short a time as possible
  • Be creative when proposing new solutions, while bearing in mind the standards and regulations that govern the specific sector
  • Punctuality and respect when dealing with representatives of other companies and businesses
cento anni fantini


The Fantini Group’s development and success on the international market owes a great deal to a philosophy based on research, continuous improvement, innovation and the high quality of its products and services. The company’s policy has always been concentrated on customer satisfaction, which is why at the Fantini Group we have decided to adopt the ISO 9001 quality management standard in order to achieve the prestigious Quality System certification. For all the companies that form a part of our group, this achievement is just a step on the way to the final goal of implementing a Total Quality system.

Individual company certifications:

  • Costruzioni Meccaniche Fantini S.r.l. was certified in accordance with the provisions of UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 in 1996 (ICIM certificate N. 539/7)
  • Fantini Sud S.p.A. was certified in accordance with the provisions of UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 in 1997 (ICIM certificate N. 0723/7)
  • Fantini Sud S.p.A. was certified in accordance with the provisions of EN 1090-2:2009 + A1: 2011 in 2014 (IIS CERT certificate N. 0475 –CPR-14)
  • Fantini Sud S.p.A. certified in accordance with the provisions of UNI EN ISO 3834 – Part 2 in 2013 (IIS CERT certificate N. 2/IT/514-rev. 3)


All chain saw machines bear the CE marking, in accordance with the provisions of the machine Directive 98/37. Fantini Sud collaborated with the European community working group CEN/TC 151 on the creation a specific type C technical standard covering chain and belt saw machines (prEN 15164: Machines and plants for mining and tooling of natural stones – Safety – Requirements for chain and belt slotting machines). This project is in its final stages and has already been approved by the CEN (European Committee for Standardization).

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Fantini: company profile

The Fantini Group’s position as market leader in the ornamental stone extraction sector is confirmed by the presence of over 1,900 chain saw machines in all parts of the world, in addition to hundreds of references regarding industrial projects and the supply of advanced equipment for a range of experimental apparatus. The various Divisions boast numerous collaborations with some of the most important Italian and international, including important scientific projects in partnership with national and international research bodies all over the world.

cento anni fantini