Sawmill Machine for Tunnels

Chain Saw Model GU50-SC is a compact version for tunnel extraction work. By setting the cutting depth in automatic mode the machine makes vertical and horizontal cuts against the tunnel face.

This is self-propelled on caterpillar tracks and completely autonomous in movement. Only one operator is sufficient to operate the machine. This model can run cuts up to 1.7 metres deep.

macchina segatrice
macchina segatrice serie 20.90

Technical Specifications

  • Total installed power 56 KW
  • Electrical power supply 400V/50 Hz
  • Machine weight Kg. 16,000
  • Hydraulic oil tank capacity 300 litres
  • Chain rotation speed from 0.1 to 1.7 m/sec.
  • Blade feed rate: up to 20 cm/min.
  • Useful cutting depth: up to 2.0 metres
  • Operating noise level: 85 decibels
  • Movement speed on tracks: 1 Km/h max.

Technical characteristics may be subject to variations

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In addition to the customer service hotline, Fantini technicians are also available to carry out diagnostics and ordinary maintenance operations on site.

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